I’ve been around a lot of folks who infuse the word “warrior” with aggressive zealotry, ringing it with vague implications of nobility and wisdom.  I usually look at them with a cynical eye, because oftentimes, it seems like those same people ignore the basics, some of which are:  be on time, whether it’s waking up or showing up; use logic (which is another word people like to use but are often unable to define) to solve/articulate problems so others may understand how to navigate an obstacle; condition both the mind and the body, and address weaknesses in order to foster capability.  And if something doesn’t work, then apply brutal honesty, figure out why, and try again.  It all requires DISCIPLINE.  My stance is that if you consistently work on these mundane, super unsexy basics, you don’t need to slap venerable, grandiose labels onto yourself. 

You’re simply solving problems and flowing with life.


6 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I can so relate. I have a son who served as a Cav Scout in Iraq. My second son went to school with a gal who eked thru army basic. Her mom kept asking for prayers for a battle buddy of the daughter’s because the other girl was having a great deal of trouble with basic and might not pass.

    I didn’t respond. I realize basic is hard, but to me it does not constitute battle. 😠

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