I’ve tyrannized results out of myself, but the downside of this seems to be that when I experience failure, I keep pushing harder with the same methods, and the failures multiply.  Conversely, being too kind with myself leads to no effectiveness, and no results.  In order to avoid a methodological rut, my current approach is to assess and aggress, assess and aggress.  This approach’s sole aim is to solve problems.  It is not for idealists, or people wanting to flaunt their toughness.


10 thoughts on “Musings

    • Honestly, I’m in school using my GI bill, so I treat writing like a job, basically. However, I’m ready to take the skills I learn during this time and apply them to a full-time schedule. While I may not be able to keep the same tempo, I do think I can keep the regularity. My philosophy is that in all creative projects, the first use of creativity is creatively finding ways to allot yourself time for your project.

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