In the quest for long-term fulfillment, the willingness to endure short-term discomfort is incredibly empowering.  That, along with the meticulousness/ruthlessness to examine evidence and the audacity to act off it, are some of the most potent weapons a human can wield.


12 thoughts on “Musings

  1. As human beings, we have a tendency to withdraw or move away from discomfort. But, if we stop and explore the reasons for that discomfort, we often find it holds a lesson to be learned that will engender some aspect of that long-term fulfillment we are seeking.

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  2. The human brain reads discomfort as a threat and reacts with fear which prompts a flight or fight response. In other words, a flow of energy that calls for action. It is up to the individual to choose one, or the other of those actions, on which to act. We can either run from the discomfort, or stand up and reason out a different response. When we choose to hold our ground, that is both an accomplishment and a valuable lesson.


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  3. There is discomfort and DISCOMFORT. I was willing enough to endure brain discomfort in order to understand calculus, but the DISCOMFORT of chemotherapy made me wonder if it was worth it. Still thinkin’ about it.

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