Whatever qualities I possess—whether they be “strengths” or “weaknesses”—I strive to hone into TOOLS.  Personally, it seems that the best approach is to employ whatever methods works in a given context (while maintaining ethical standards).  What doesn’t seem to work is fruitlessly scrabbling to uphold some high-handed ideal.


6 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Yep… “high standards”… heh, something that Reality will crush every time. “Good enough” is something that is achievable, and for some, is truly great. Either way, a healthy sense of accomplishment is the. reward.

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    • Indeed! Jung said “people don’t find God because they aren’t looking low enough,” implying that if you start with what’s in front of you, or “good enough” you stand a chance at building up momentum with continuous victories, making greatness much more likely. If you’re dead-set on perfection, however, you’ve just narrowed your chances by orders of magnitude.

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  2. Strength and weakness of character depend upon context. In one context a weakness is a strength and in another a strength is a weakness!
    …wisdom involves applying the timing!

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