I firmly believe that competence beats [doctrine/tradition/etiquette/theory].  So rather than retreat into the safety of dogma, I’d rather aggress into murky arenas that test my beliefs, and realign them with the evidence I see.


8 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Accept as little as possible on faith, and acquire the skills needed to enter the unknown and turn what is discovered there into knowledge… not belief. Let belief help “fill in the gaps”, but only until such time as knowledge can change “truth” into fact. There is a significant difference between truth and fact, in my opinion. Truth is as you see it, and it’s often colored by your beliefs. Fact is just that… fact. Objectivity and a willingness to look beyond your beliefs to see the facts are vital skills… in my opinion.

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    • Good points! I’m not sure if facts are simply facts in the ultimate sense…by that I mean where time is a construct reliant on gravity/speed/other stuff and that if you wind it back far enough the universe was condensed into a small enough piece of matter where the laws of cause and effect are possibly inapplicable. But I think within the scope of our human existence, then we can use the idea of an ultimate truth to successfully navigate our lives (unless we have to deal with crazy physics problems).

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      • Well, I’d say you’re right about time having a direct relationship with the existence of a fact. Things can and do change over time. I was just trying to point out that I think you should try to gain knowledge in as objective and unbiased way as possible – look at the facts as they are – versus perceiving the information/data/what-have-you that is discovered through the filters and bias of your beliefs. Let the information help form the paradigm rather than let the paradigm try and shape/change the information. I think I said that right O_o

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