Throughout eras and cultures, accomplishment seems to be a relative thing (simply being literate would have been fairly amazing a few millennia ago), and as we are all subject to the creep of entropy, my theory is that the best strategy is to push myself at the fastest, hardest pace that I can prudently sustain over the course of my life.  

But what is “prudent?”  That’s different for everyone, right?  This relativism inclines me to believe that brutal honesty with myself is absolutely essential, for standards appear to change from person to person.  I need to be able to assess my strengths and weaknesses without flinching, otherwise I won’t hit my targets in the most efficient manner, and if I waste energy, then I’ve shrunk my overall potential.


9 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I think there’s a Jewish proverb (though I can’t find it after a quick Google search) that says something like judge others with leniency and judge yourself with strictness, or words to that effect.

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    • I like that! It follows logically that I have a greater breadth of first-hand information about myself than anyone else is capable of perceiving, so I have the capability to know better than anyone where I’m coming from, and I can use this info to act accordingly. However, when I encounter another I have a very limited perception of what they’ve experienced, so it’s best to give them the benefit of the doubt, as I don’t know what they’ve been through.

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  2. ‘What is prudent?’. Therein lies the rub; one has to push oneself to achieve, but then there is the danger of burnout and exhaustion. Where is the balance?

    Anyhoo, your post has inspired me to crack on and work harder! Thanks! :- )

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  3. I agree that brutal honesty with ourselves is important, but if taken too far, you can become your own worst enemy. That’s the obstacle I’m facing. At a certain point, we have to accept that perfection isn’t possible, though Instagram and Facebook would have us believe otherwise.
    I’m still working on that, BTW. 😉
    As always, an insightful and thought provoking musing.

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    • Not to get into semantics (I think you’re referring to self-flagellation) but I’d define brutal honesty as laying things out as objectively as possible, without any subjective attachment of personal worth to any of the evidence. That to me would nix the concern of wallowing in self-contempt, if that makes any sense, and allow me to strategize as best I can.

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