Money is nothing more than a symbol; its true power does not originate from its inherent worth (a paper bill), its true power comes from the TRUST we place in it, a trust that allows it to be exchanged for goods or services.  

Trust is the most valuable currency, and it can be replicated at all scales of being.  If I trust myself to consistently think critically, to be disciplined, to be persistent, to be audacious, I can trust myself to stay steady within higher levels of ambiguity and chaos.  In dealings between people, these markers of trust can demonstrate the ability to meet deadlines, lack of flakiness, and that one doesn’t need micromanagement.  These markers also invite opportunities that one might not normally be able to access.  So yeah, building trust in yourself through consistent discipline and critical thinking is absolutely worth it.

Forgive the expression, but you could consider it money in the bank.


10 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Trust is an ethereal, ephemeral, chimera of a concept. Whilst I know you speak of money in this post,and its pythonic hold on the world, you triggered a thought in me. We talk and of trust as though it can save or slay us. It often does. Without it though, we’re alone, right? But with it we are vulnerable. It’s perplexing and Painful. Just some thoughts

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