Echo and Kor’Thank: The Weekly Update

Kor’Thank, word count:  13,096

Thanks to All Who Bought Echo!  And BIG THANKS to those who posted positive reviews on Amazon or Goodreads!!!

News:  My fiverr artist shot me a template for my paperback cover for Echo 1 & 2, combined edition, but unfortunately, the dimensions were a little off.  Currently, I’m waiting for him to fix it up so i can re-upload it and keep grinding out the Createspace paperback.

Still doing 250 words/day for Kor’Thank, still editing 10k words/day for Echo 4.  I’m about to take my second look at chapter 61 (out of 95), hoping to whittle a little more off of my second draft, which was approximate 240k words (rough draft was 355k words).  I’m actually somewhat entertained reading Echo 4 on the second edit (rather than constantly swearing under my breath due to all the clunky-ass description), so I reserve cautious hope that even though it goes into some crazy-ass existential stuff, it will still manage to entertain.

Right-O!  A writer’s work is never finished (seemingly), so I gotta get back at it.  Once I finish my second edit of Echo 4, I’ll post an updated word count.  If you’re a writer, I wish you inspired drafting and insightful editing!


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