I believe after a certain amount of responsibility has been avoided, after a certain amount of truth has been deflected, the choice becomes:  hide deeper and deeper in the cramped confines of comfort, or venture into suffering, and possibly break through into a state of unrestrained fulfillment.  The first option is sure and easy.  The second is unsure and fraught with risk.  But that’s why in all those classic stories, the hero must demonstrate [bravery/honesty/ruthlessness/discipline/etc. etc.] but above all that, the willingness to sacrifice his/her attachment to their old identity, and the resolve to be born anew into something formidable.


10 thoughts on “Musings

  1. The hero must suffer! I remember telling this to one of my writers workshop friends when he asked what was missing in his novel. Alas, he was very resistant to this message and as a result the work remained unpublished.

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    • Yes! The hero must suffer, change, and triumph by being reborn into something that’s able to vanquish his/her foe. If you subscribe to Jung’s theories, these are actually instructions for us as individuals that will enable us to succeed over our own trials, and that’s why you see this pattern repeated throughout old and new stories.


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