For a writer, the willingness to write a bad first draft is one of the most devastating weapons against procrastination.


20 thoughts on “Musings

  1. One of my biggest frustrations with my writer’s group was that most of them wanted to perfect the story one chapter at a time, too afraid to write a bad first draft. Thus, they never got past the first few chapters. My goal is to write that bad first draft. It will often become a different story altogether by the time I’m done revising and editing but at least I have something to work with.

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    • Yeah absolutely! I’m totally open to my story becoming different as I write it. I’ve ditched entire subplots and pieces of setting, because in the end, I want the reader to have a good experience. I’m not looking to force my neediness on them.

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  2. First bake the cake. Then worry about the icing, and the little sugar letters, and the cool little details you want to draw on with the funky colored gel stuff that comes in the tubes, and the candles, and the sparklers… Has been a problem for us too, but we’ve found that the sooner you bang out a solid first draft, the sooner you’ll find all the little ways to make it better, and eventually, into a solid final product. Not that we’re even close to being experts at it yet either, but that’s the point, right?

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