From what I understand, the true hero’s journey is not to bang one’s chest and bleat platitudes; the true hero’s journey is to venture into personal darkness, and face that lurking dragon deep in your soul, the one made of convenient lies and unacknowledged truths.  If one can stare that dragon deep in the eye and address it as a part of oneself, then one can claim its gold and use that informational wealth to upgrade the castle of their mind.  This must be done over and over—and done voluntarily—or the castle will become weaker and weaker, and the dragon will become larger and hungrier.  Eventually, that monstrous beast—the one made of unacknowledged truths and convenient lies—will fly from its lair and rip through the weakened castle as if it was nothing more than a child’s plaything.  

It is no coincidence that variations of this scenario appear again and again in our stories and myths.


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