I understand why people don’t want to examine the evidence and be honest about their failings—it hurts.  But if that behavior propagates, it’s one of the surest ways to remain weak.

(Which, ironically, devalues their original intent behind not admitting failure, which is to feel/appear strong).


6 thoughts on “Musings

  1. One of those patterns of thought it’s hard to break out of. It’s a similar problem eating junk food to excess too, I think – you eat it because you’re tired, or stressed, and it’s convenient. Then the poor nutrition makes you even less on the ball… And the cycle repeats.

    Interesting food for thought!

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    • Agree. But just like junk food—which we’re biologically predisposed to eat—I feel like if you’re successful, then you’ve exercised your power as a human. Animals and machines seem by and large ruled by their programming and instincts; it seems like we humans are given the most capacity to exercise free will, so when we deny ourselves something that’s bad for us in the interest of a long-term good, I feel like we’ve fully exercised our power as humans.


  2. Sometimes delayed gratification is good. Sometimes not so good. There are things that are best done young or you will never get to do them. Opportunities will present themselves that will not repeat. Time and tide wait for no man.

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    • Being able to slice through this dichotomy in my opinion requires one to be strategic—to know what goals one is aiming for and why. And that to me means being as honest with oneself as possible. Understanding why you are doing something and who you are will enable you to make the best possible decisions.


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