I think the best approach to any craft is to become undeniable—to live life in a manner where you glaringly demonstrate assiduousness and discipline.  Maybe someone can say that your results/products aren’t worthy of greatness, but they should never be able to say that your EFFORT isn’t. 

And the key to ignoring unwarranted criticism (IMHO) is to operate this way until there’s no room to deny your worth to YOURSELF—screw what others think.  You KNOW you’re putting in the hours.  You KNOW you’re examining problems down to the sinew and bone, doing your damndest to make your stuff worthwhile.


12 thoughts on “Musings

    • Actually I’d disagree with you about the easy part. Hopefully I make it sound simple and concise, but discipline is a result of behavior modification, which in most cases, is the result of minute adjustments, and once the psyche is used to those, adjustments on top of those. Immediate behavior change is possible, but it is EXTREMELY taxing. 🙂

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    • Boom! You’ll work hard one way or the other; life gets its effort in some for or another, even if its binge-watching (takes a lot of dedication to sit in one room for long hours watching one show), but I’m rooting for you! I’m a default optimist so I think you’ll put that effort into your book! 😀


  1. The only problem is when you are your own harshest critic. If only I could listen to what other people think, but I grow uncomfortable with their praise, certain I didn’t earn it despite how hard I’ve worked. It’s definitely a mindset change that needs to be made, but I think hitting the NYTBS list would be an easier accomplishment than that for me!

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    • It can be an asset when you edit your stuff. Too many people refuse to look harshly at what they’ve done, concerned only with their own expression and not whether anyone else can understand it or be moved by it.


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