Being loyal to a given paradigm/model of reality is admirable…until one blindly defends it against solid evidence, or refuses to question any of its discrepancies.Β 

Once that happens, the trap of mindless zealotry has been sprung.


13 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I absolutely love this. Like many of your other posts, your usage of metaphors is on point.

    Many people make the mistake of confusing open-mindedness with thoughtlessly subscribing to the next idea or school of thought “du jour” they are faced with in a certain conversation, piece of literature, or some other means by which to obtain information without further intellectual inquiry of its verity…. even though, that’s not what open-minded means.

    Constantly questioning the epistemological basis of an idea or a framework of knowledge is true open-mindedness because you are opening your mind to the possibility that it may be invalid and, in the process, unearthing the truth after shredding through many, many layers of deception.

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    • No, the art is in the realization of being in the trap. I tend to find the act of extracting myself from this sort of trap very easy ONCE I’ve made the discovery of being in said trap. Developing an appropriate reaction to the discovery of being in the trap of close-mindedness is the art form. It takes a healthy combination of discipline and imagination.

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      • Aside from the discussion of any inherent truth within the Christ mythology, I really like the functional metaphor which you’ve just alluded to. Christ realizes that humanity’s perception requires massive correction, and he sacrifices himself in order to correct it. The practical implication is realizing things are wrong (realizing you’re in a trap), and sacrificing the obsolete part of yourself/toxic habits that are holding you back, then having the courage to be “reborn.” (exploring/adopting better/more ethical methodologies. The greater implication is that society can be redeemed when individuals decide to straighten their own shit out). Sometimes, however, I have noticed that people DO recognize, but aren’t willing to do the sacrifice or being reborn part. You seem to not have that problem, which is awesome man!

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