I see cool methodology/hacks as better ways to arrange my creative firewood; they allow me to burn hotter, brighter, faster…IF I supply the spark of constant discipline.  Discipline is the constant flame that gives my dreams a chance of catching.  With discipline alone, I may suffer the annoyance of trying to ignite a poorly arranged pile of fuel, but I always stand a small chance of igniting that wood.  I keep an eye out for new methodologies and adopt them if they’re useful, but I always keep in mind that without the spark of discipline, all those cool methodologies will rot and mold, much like piles of discarded firewood.


8 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I think efficiency is the result of a good balance between discipline and “accelerants”. Burning too brightly, hot and/or fast takes away from the experience. It also takes away from some of the time needed to learn for improvement. Improving is not necessarily based on “bigger, better, faster more”. Efficiency… discipline with the right hacks in the method. I think that’s where it’s at.

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