Some acquaintances of mine have asked me how I write.  They get excited when I tell them that I believe in “loosening my identity” so I can see from different characters’ perspectives.  Sounds cool, right?  They ask me how to do that, and I tell them that a simple (but not easy) exercise is to make a convincing case in your mind that the most respected/loved/revered person in your life is a villain, and that the most hated/vile/evil person in your life is a hero, and to support these cases with evidence.  (Everyone’s played the hero and villain at one time or another, right?)  But folks don’t like to hear that, much less try it out; I suspect it attacks the comfortable boundaries they’ve set around the people they know. 

Needless to say, the acquaintances I’ve told that to have moved on to other endeavors.

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    • your fear is warranted. Not only did it change the way I thought about people, it changed the way I thought about myself. I realized that everyone has a dark side, but another realization I had is that while it may be unpleasant to acknowledge, once it is integrated, it leads to a more fulfilling life as it frees up “processing power” that’s dedicated to propping up a rose-lensed image of myself. According to Jung, this is a microcosm of the hero’s journey—the hero must venture into darkness, acknowledge that dark part of him/herself, and then integrate and become a more honest and capable being, one who is able to defeat his/her antagonist.

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  1. Next time just tell them you mind vomit the ideas you get in the shower…..
    Putting yourself in the character’s shoes makes sense. What does that feel like, can you imagine how the sound of flesh parting with the thrust of a knife is by paralleling it with a chicken you are making for dinner? YES. (note: don’t let your family see you stabbing a chicken repeatedly to get the right ‘sound’)

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