Get yer copy of Echo!

What the colostomy bag is going on, my fellow humans who never talk about but greatly appreciate a smoothly functioning discharge of—well, let’s not get gross!  This is just an afternoon reminder to grab yerselves a copy of Echo!  No colostomy bags or (well Echo does have a brief mention of a catheter when my dude is seriously jacked up and going through some horrible-ass surgery, but it’s only a brief mention) other Grossness in Echo; no—Echo is all about pew pew pew, “They will all pay,” and beautiful future wizards instantiating as living lightning through a psychic weapon called a Blaze Avatar!  YEAH!  And if you’ve read any of my work, please remember to leave a positive review for it on Amazon.  It only takes a minute of your time, and you don’t need to have made a “verified purchase” in order to do it; you only need an Amazon account (in case you read my stuff through Kindle Unlimited or other means).  To give you an idea of how Amaze-Force-Five positive Amazon reviews are to us indie authors, imagine this:  you’ve taken years, DECADES of clockwork-orange-style-eye-widening powerpoint torture, mountains of passive aggressivity, and slow, soul-deadening pressure from your officemate colleagues.  Now, they’re telling you that you are REQUIRED to respond to work emails in 30 minutes, wherever or whatever you happen to be doing.  If you defy this order, then you will be sent to a “productivity camp,” where you’ll be forced to make lame dad jokes and never know the pleasure of Sweat Pants Sundays.  You’ve breached their heinous protocols, and are ordered to go to Productivity Camp, but you have one last chance:  they’ve constructed a gladiator pit where disgruntled employees will have to fight it out for offices with windows, and for the moment they’ve left you alone.  While they’re touring their pit and sipping their giant mocha-latte-cinos (or whatever hipster drink office-folk quaff), you throw an angry honey badger into their midst.  Horrified wails fill the air, and you hightail it out of the building.  Just in time—whatever the honey badger is doing is inducing catastrophic death:  your workplace high-rise crumbles into itself, then erupts into flames.  YES!  That crash of ecstasy you’d feel at experiencing a narrow escape from the hell of Productivity Camp is EXACTLY what we indie authors feel when we get a positive review on Amazon!  So do your favorite indie author (and perennial Man Child) Kent Wayne a honey-badger-strong favor and leave him a positive review on the ’Zons!  Thank you all and have a Good and Chill Night!!!  🙂 🙂 🙂

Get Echo Vol. 1 on Kindle here:  Vol. 1 on Kindle.  Vol. 2 on Kindle here:  Vol.2 on Kindle  Vol. 3 on Kindle here:  Vol. 3 on Kindle  #kindle #kindleunlimited #sciencefiction #scifi #books #novel #book


10 thoughts on “Get yer copy of Echo!

  1. I was going to purchase two of the series of your book for the limited price of .99 (?), but then found that I was unable to avail myself to that splendid price because I live in Japan. So i went ahead and bought the first part and decided i would purchase the other parts if the first was sufficiently compelling. i’ve just started reading it, and thus far it is!

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