I don’t think setting out to inspire people is the most effective aim; I think the important thing is to clarify to oneself what it means to behave in an inspirational manner, and then hew to that standard.  I think when people witness that, it encourages them to apply inspiration-worthy behavior to their own unique constraints. 

The rest takes care of itself.


15 thoughts on “Musings

  1. This is something I think about quite regularly with regard to my writing, actually. It’s a deep wish of mine that it will “inspire” others, and I’ve tended to zero in on that much more than the truly important matter at hand: the story I’m telling. I think I can “behave” in an inspiring way by being truthful and putting in all of my effort when it comes to pen and paper. But honesty and giving it your all you’ve got can apply to all the things that make up life.

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