A Zen koan implies that if you encounter [Buddha] on the road, you need to kill him because your perception is divorced from the reality that you ARE [Buddha], and need no teacher or savior.  But what if the idea of “teacher” was just an illusory concept that the all-powerful aspect of ourselves created so we could have fun playing the role of “student?”  Siddhartha Gautama said he would one day reincarnate as Matreiya, or “friend.”  Maybe that means that when he reincarnates, his students will have ditched the idea that there’s anyone to teach, or anyone to be taught, and that all [Buddha] becomes is someone to have fun with.  Or maybe it means that when you stop hating others (even though you might have to outwardly fight them), and you accept them into your heart as a friend, then they can fulfill the function of [Buddha] and fill you with wisdom.  

I like either interpretation.


4 thoughts on “Musings

  1. That’s interesting right there, DirtyScifiBuddha! 🙂

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