Symbols hold power over us, right?  Don’t we prefer certain body shapes or high numbers in a bank account because they signify a higher societal status, or the ability to manipulate worldly goods?  (We can go deeper than that, but I’ll stick with those because they’re obvious).  To me that means that if there’s a deeper (often unstated) significance behind symbols, then the adept use of symbols can trigger a bone-deep flush of meaning.  From what I’ve seen, whoever’s being triggered doesn’t even have to fully understand what is happening to them, or why.  They simply enjoy drinking in that significance. 

What do you think a writer does?  😉


20 thoughts on “Musings

  1. For me when I as a writer am feeling disconnected and empty I discovered I can go to the container that holds all of the reams of paper I acquired while researching my book and just rearranging the folders or straightening the papers give me that feeling of joy I got while researching and writing the book. Those reams of paper are symbols of accomplishment.

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