(Feel free to correct me; I don’t understand the math behind science) Strip away the dry connotations that weigh down science and trace its mechanisms down to the frontiers of discovery, where electrons are clouds of probabilities that collapse into points when entangled with observation, or how electrons don’t move between orbits but teleport onto them when they gain/lose energy, or how time is a construct which slows and ceases in dense enough singularities, possibly eliminating causality and only leaving conditions that iterate into existence…not only that, but chemicals aren’t just antipoetic strings of letters/numbers; they’re dancing bits of matter/energy that directly influence us humans, we who are BIGGER sacks of matter/energy.  

Just my opinion, but I think science is just as mysterious and cool as any pie-in-the-sky system of magic.


15 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I mean… for thousands of years, our ancestors used magic and deities to explain basic scientific reactions. I agree, but magic has it’s place and time without delving into the wider range of “real” possibilities.

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    • Indeed—magic has its function. Warnings against eating pork can be feasibly explained as a ward against infectious disease, as well as a psychological tool to create a tighter bonded tribe. Saying that God is angry when you soil your home with filth has the practical effect of warding off feces-laden diseases. I’m just warning against substituting empirically supported methods with the desire to avoid accountability; I’ve seen this in a lot of New Agers—their desire to escape the brutal accountability of empirical analysis drives them to adopt esoteric theories that place them at the top of an unprovable dominance hierarchy (I.E I’m a powerful wizard beset by dark forces, which is why I can’t wake up on time, rather than conditioning oneself to go to bed earlier)

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      • Haha, are you the powerful wizard in this example?

        I’m on the opposite spectrum, I go to bed plenty early. I even wake up by 6 am. But I cannot get my butt out of my bed… Must be those powerful dreams I’m having that tire me while I’m supposed to be resting.

        I’m no powerful wizard, I’m definitely a dream caster sending out waves of subconscious thoughts that make other people smile or cry in their sleep.

        We all have responsibilities!

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      • Nope, none of that stuff has worked for me, or has worked reliably enough for me to feel that it’s a worthwhile use of my time. I simply try to do what works best with the tools I have.


  2. It’s interesting to me how I actually feel enough intrigue to click on your “musing” blogs and read them, though, I may add, that cave man would be better suited for a different kind of post, but I get what you intended.


    (Sorry for typos, becauase I don’t want to bother to re-read what I wrote: I am experimenting with “STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS RESPONDING”).

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  3. How true! Wondering about the process by which a collection of subatomic particles which has formed into me, can move through another collection which is air, on one that is a floor and open another which is a door fires up the imagination for at least another two chapters of SF/Fantasy writing,
    And also keeps everything in perspective. It’s a beautiful massive Creation! Who’s got time to be bored?

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  4. Science? Magic? A difference? When all in Reality that can be discovered, tested and verified is such, only the mind and will is left to affect Reality. Then it becomes a renewed matter of discovery, testing and verification, but now it’s on how the mind and will affects Reality. So, magic? Science? A difference?

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