Will existence fall apart without us?  Are humans REALLY that important?  Do we NEED to accomplish this or that?  Take away the urgency of righteousness and epic causes, and every endeavor becomes quantified by whether or not it propagates fulfillment.  The rest is just cool dress-up we can choose to engage in.


18 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I don’t think there is any inherent meaning in human existence, or life generally, but we are able to think and act, are in fact unable not to do so, so long as we’re alive. So the way I figure, we might as well take advantage of this and see what we’re capable, have fun, make life better for others.

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  2. Does propagating fulfilment include survival? Considering everything humanity has done to get where they are started from survival. Or would that be a given nature of humanity and then it becomes what we survive for?

    Sorry. You make me ask questions. So I’m not sorry. 🙂

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  3. Quite rightly so!
    Universe 14 billion years old and approx. 40 billion light years ‘wide’.
    We an’t a big deal. We need to get with that programme and we’ll all feel a lot better just grooving on down making the best of our lives in the best way we individually can.

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