Where did “I” begin?  On my birthday?  Or nine months before that, when “I” was conceived?  But didn’t “I” have separate components that existed in my mother and father?  And weren’t those components born from ancestors that were born from the earth that was born from stars that were born from gravitationally condensed gas that was born from an expansion of matter/energy condensed into a tiny point which was born from an acausal series of conditions that needed no cause to trigger it because the sum total of our universe is an energetic value of zero which makes it mathematically plausible for us to be an iteration of an absolute void…what are the deeper implications if there IS no “I?”  What if there IS no soul-rending, heart-lifting, super-duper ultimate purpose?  Is that terrifying?  Would “I” laze about and stop doing everything altogether?  

Or would I stop taking things so seriously, enjoy the moment, and try and live the most fulfilling existence possible?


9 thoughts on “Musings

  1. My Dear Man Child. Of all human beings, I am positive you began the second that sperm hit the egg. You are too alive to have started any later than that. You took those pieces of your parental units and became you! I’m so glad you did. :o) Your existence is needed. The world must have your crazy ideas and far flung dips into whatever ecosystem you create. You are fulfilling in many ways, if only by amusing one of several thousand followers, one of who is an aged fangirl.
    So, there!!!

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  2. All life is infinite as there is no beginning or ending and every beginning is an ending and vice versa. Every “I” is a part of that greater infinite and it is when we identify as the singular “I”is when we fall into the trap … I listen to way to much Alan Watts, Manly P. Hall, etc. 🙂

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