Man Child Mondays #31

Man Child no think good.  Man Child read stuff to increase intellectual.  Your favorite indie author (and perennial Man Child) Kent Wayne studying Judd Winick’s seminal work “Barry Ween:  Boy Genius.”

…I know:  I should be writing.  Photo taken by friend and Cool Guy Jumar Balacy.

#IShouldBeWriting #ManChildMondays #AlwaysProcrasturbating #LifeLongReprobate


19 thoughts on “Man Child Mondays #31

  1. To take my mind off of your tan and where it isn’t I decided to look into Judd Winick. Someone I’ve never heard of. He is very interesting. I have a facebook friend who is a comic book writer (but a lot older than Judd) who also does superhero comics. It is amazing to me how many men (grown) like comic books. The only way I can connect with Barry Ween is by remembering Pinky and the Brain which I Love! Mondays are so cool!

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