I suspect that the more someone knows themselves, the less flakey they become, for they’ve seen deep into their cognitive processes and are able to intuit what commitment to direct their energy at.  And when they do flake, it’s for reasons that are unquestionably valid, not for indulgent purposes—not due to a gap in awareness that caught them unawares.


7 thoughts on “Musings

    • Well I can only go off personal anecdotes. People I know that refuse to acknowledge their failures and learn important lessons from them seem to start flaking out on everything, probably because they’re avoiding any sort of self-examination. Like I said, it’s just a suspicion.

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  1. Yes, I believe there are “unseen forces” that cause someone to be flaky. And not to mention, psychological factors as well.

    I had a math teacher that was always 10 minutes late to class. She was a great teacher. She was very informative on math and caring but always late. I always chalked it down to she had her heart and soul to what she was doing prior to arriving to class that she lost track of time. Just because she was late it didn’t mean she didn’t care, you know? 🙂

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    • It could be as simple as that! Some people just lose track of time during a given task, and while there’s probably something within them that’s causing them to do that (I think psychological evidence shows that humans perceive things in terms of usefulness), if it’s not egregious and it doesn’t hurt people, then who cares? It’s obviously not interfering with her job.

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      • That’s good that you concur, Buddha. 🙂 And yes, humans have different ideas of what is useful or not and that doesn’t mean they don’t care. I believe we have to open our boxes to rules and regulations (like arriving on time) and the unspoken social connotations to them.

        Hey, I tagged you to my post for the Fall Tag. I think it would great for you to partake. I would like to know your thoughts on fall. Do you think you would try it as well?

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