If we accept the age-old premise that we are fragments of a divine entity that purposefully forgot its omnipotence so it could experience the joy of rediscovering itself, and that every duality we see is a game we’ve created to experience the joy of struggle/victory/another lesson learned, then there is no such thing as spirituality; we are all “spiritual” by default (as we are all divine by default).  Either everything is spiritual or nothing is, and the game of “the spiritual path” is one we festoon with rituals and rites, simply to rediscover that we’re all already divine.  I understand that if one enjoys the idea of a “spiritual path,” then it may be fun to be meticulous about it, it may even be fun to approach it with grave earnestness…but why the hell would you ever let it stress you out?  Why would you be righteous about it?  I guess if, as a fragment of the divine, you thought it would add to the fun, then those stances make sense.  

But from my perspective, those stances seems less like fun and more like a chore.


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  1. A most interesting thought about spirituality and thus, faith… I suppose. What a potential hornets’ nest you may be poking, too 🙂 I guess I’m Christian based on how I was raised and what knowledge of religions/faith I have (not enough to have an intelligent discussion, anyway). While I have zero issue with folks going to church and performing whatever rituals they see fit to be “closer to God”, I have always considered that stuff more a “crowd control” than a means to have a stronger connection with a higher entity.

    And to support your point about not letting spirituality/faith bog you down, my favorite question; what if we’re all wrong? 😉 Good stuff, ‘Buddha

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    • Indeed! An appropriate analogy is a saying I made up in the service: “The man makes the uniform, not the other way around.” I’ve seen special operators and other elite folks think that just because they’ve completed a strenuous selection course and can maneuver with load on a firearm-dominated battlefield, that they’ve mastered violence in all contexts (google MMA fighter beats up four Navy SEALs). So to close the analogy, and to your point, I don’t think a religious tradition or super cool ritual or meditation will automatically deliver someone into a mystic union. From the wide range of anecdotes, it seems that one can achieve union with the divine in any number of ways, and that each union is unique to the individual’s proclivities. Indeed, it does seem that at the end, we must hew to that age-old adage and “figure it out for ourselves.”

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