Echo: A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel

Sally straightens up, projecting every ounce of her seven year old tyranny, and declares, “We don’t want to play with you anymore, Bruce.  You always take all the black clothes and tough-looking dolls.”

Bruce Wayne—my best buddy and lifelong friend—presses his lips together.  He’s only six, and as such, is unable to resist the monstrous power of Sally—Queen of Nap Time and Recess.  I know he’s not good with words or conflict, so I rush up to his side and level a finger right at Sally’s stupid dumb face.

“Bruce’s playtime is WAY cooler than yours!  Who CARES if he takes all the action figures!  I’d rather watch his re-enactment of multidimensional combat than your stupid tea time bullsh—”

“Don’t cuss!” she snaps at me.  “Have you forgotten we’re all in elementary school, stupid?  We’re still learning basic arithmetic, not this ‘string theory’ doody you’re always babbling about!  Oh, and YOU’RE not allowed to play with us either, Kent!  All you do is have the dinosaur toys mount our Barbies and talk about some disgusting scenario where they make half-dinosaur babies!”


She claps her hands twice, and a dozen of her suburbia-spawned thugs—I recognize their captains; two monster eight-year olds named Blake and Logan—come trundling up to her side.  Holy shit—they may only be eight years old, but they’ve got fully defined six-packs, and their polo shirt sleeves are clamped tight around their rippling biceps.

I whisper to Bruce:  “These glue-sniffers will be easy pickings for us in about a decade or so, when they’ve gone full-on Douche-bro.  But for now we should just let them have our dinosaurs and superheroes.  We should—”

His ice-blue eyes steel over.  In that gravelly rasp he will one day be famous for, he mutters, “Not a chance.”

Sally scoffs.  “You’ve both had your warning.  Blake…Logan…” She turns sideways and shoots her index finger at us.  “BEAT THEIR ASSES!”

“FUCK YOU!” I scream, trying to fend them off with the few moves I’ve learned from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  Blake catches my tiny leg and sweeps me off my feet.  He quickly mounts me, and I have no choice but to turtle up to protect my face from a storm of blows.  Through the flurry of hands and feet, I look over at Bruce and see that he’s in the same situation.

No options left.  Unless…

I reach deep in my psyche for a concept that will one day slake the world’s craving for robo-beasts and blaze avatars.  It’s a story called Echo, and unbeknownst to me (up until this very moment, anyways) it has the power to distort reality itself.

Magic flash.

A giant clown busts through the wall, hazing the air with broken wood and powdery concrete.  The kids all stop and stare, then he starts mowing through them like motha fuckin’ Zangief on a cocaine bender, throwing invulnerable spin-punches and 360 pile drivers.

Sally and her gang scream in terror—not just from the clown’s brilliant martial arts acumen, but also from his horrifying appearance.  In short order, her entire gang of miscreants has been laid low or made to flee.

Bruce and I rise to our feet.  The clown locks eyes with Bruce.

“I’ll come for you one day,” Bruce rumbles.  “Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow…but one day.”

The clown searches my friend’s face for a long moment…then he smiles.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

Then he walks out through the hole in the wall and disappears.

I rub dust off my face and look around.  Then my eyes widen in astonishment.

Before us are piles of discarded dolls, action figures…and—OH YEAH—plastic dino-toys!!!

“Holy shit!” I exclaim, looking at Bruce.  “Treasures beyond imagining!”

He meets my eyes and grins.  “Best.  Playtime.  EVER!”

We dive into the hoard of amaze-balls toys and start constructing elaborate stories with Barbies, He-mans, and Barrels-O-Monkeys.

And you had best believe that in every single one of those stories, the world bore witness to the rise of dino-humans.


Has some tiny tot tyrant taken over your well-deserved playtime through the use of a thuggish cadre of numbskulls?  Never fear!  Get Echo Vol. 1 on Kindle here:  Vol. 1 on Kindle.  Vol. 2 on Kindle here:  Vol.2 on Kindle  Vol. 3 on Kindle here:  Vol. 3 on Kindle  #kindle #kindleunlimited #sciencefiction #scifi #books #novel #book


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