Those who reflexively condemn a perspective just because it rubs them the wrong way are doing themselves a disservice.  They’re closing themselves off from the indescribable freedom of being able to shift their perception between ALL perspectives, as well as understanding how nurture/nature crafted their “enemy” into that very thing that’s so fun to hate.  From a scientific, cosmically oriented perspective—never mind a spiritual one—it quickly becomes obvious that it’s ridiculous to waste time hating/condemning if it doesn’t provide fuel for effort, or serve a greater strategy.  (And yeah, if you want to be a writer, it really helps to not hate your characters—even your villains—so that you can slip into their minds and see how “nasty” behaviors make perfect sense to them).

18 thoughts on “Musings

    • Yep! I hate seeing one-dimensional villains that really offer no chance for the hero to relate or sympathize. It really does become boring and rote when you have two opposing forces where one wins just because of inherent “goodness.”

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      • I like flawed heroes and complex villains. I personally like stories where the protagonist becomes humbled by the actions of the antagonist, even if he doesn’t agree with the antagonist’s motives. I don’t believe pure evil exists.

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    • I kind of wrote about this today-I bumped into someone in a store and she was visibly offended. If she had just let it go the collision of worlds would have been negligent. She didn’t like I let it go. Sad.

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      • I imagine that she’s the type of person looking to take offense at something…whether it be from recent circumstance or because some deep part of her feels it is the best way to interact with the world. Either way, it’s her loss—I think that way of reacting is EXHAUSTING.

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    • Thank You! Yeah, I liked flat characters when I was a kid (Skeletor) but it’s pretty reductive as an adult to keep viewing the world in that light, and doesn’t really lend itself to solving complex problems or catering to large groups of people.

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