I think if you recognize that life is a prison (our limited bodies, our lack of infinite time and inability to access any point in space etc.) and then learn to enjoy all the quirks of your shackles (while being able to turn away from the black hole of indulgence at any second) then your jail is revealed to be a playground instead of a prison, and you realize you were free all along. 

That’s just my suspicion, anyway.


15 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Limits do not make a prison, ‘Buddha. I believe that is what you’re getting at. Not understanding those limits and/or not accepting them create the prison. The frustration and stress of bumping up against those limitations make them “prison walls”. Eastwood might have said it best…
    If you know your limits, accept them for what they are and give yourself the latitude to work your way around them, there really is no prison. The best we can hope for is that our next phase of existence removes those limits.

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  2. Grade 11 final math exam…realized I was the spark and my primitive physicality (aka hand) was holding me back from exploring the true electric potential of my intellect…actually momentarily wished I had no body. Pretty sure it’s a good thing I became a writer not a physicist 😉

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    • Do other blogs have musings too? I really just buttress common sense stuff in a way that seems logical and practical to me. I like theory and ideals and all that but if it doesn’t translate into daily life then I feel like their expression is incomplete.

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