Echo: A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel

In the distant future, when the boundaries of time and space have been revealed to be illusory constructs, there exist a select few who’ve been tasked with delivering the right ideas to the right minds.  I am one of these few.  They call us Couriers.

My handler informs me, “Courier Kentaro Weydani—your psyche has been incepted with a paradigm-shifting defensive philosophy, one you will deliver into the mind of Kent Wayne’s—your long-dead ancestor’s—genius terrier.  He goes by the name of Bitefighter.  Upon completion of your task, you will be awarded a sum of one million perspectives.  Please sign this psychomantic pact with your mental imprint.”

An ever-morphing cube consisting of fractal energies appears before me.  I touch its bottom with the palm of my hand, and it glows uniform blue.  Then it winks out of existence.

My handler—in the space between dimensions known as the Bloom, she looks like something akin to a cybernetic centaur—gives me a curt nod and forms mudras with her fingers.  She collapses into herself via a series of mechanical folds, then disappears from view.

I take a deep breath (my astral form is old school—it’s modeled after a human body, so it still approximates basic biological functions like respiration) and visualize myself in the Semiotic Armory.  When I open my eyes, I’m surrounded by a swirl of circuitry-threaded walls.  Mounted all across their length are a vast array of psychic weapons.  I pick the ones I want:  custom-loaded songs, concepts, high fidelity logic…they appear in symbolic form, festooning my body with all manner of psychogenic weaponry. 

Time to get going.  I close my eyes and Bloom-shift into Bitefighter’s mind.

HOLY FUCK!  I knew Bitefighter was a genius (my perception is assaulted by nth-dimensional string theory akindras, as well as a host of cutting-edge logical proofs that provide clarified channels into the absurd heart of existence) but he’s also a pervert!  Wherever I look, I see images of his miniature, 10 lb. body humping away at canines that are over ten times his size.  In one such depiction, I see him in a threesome with an Irish Wolf Hound and a Great Dane.  Despite his tiny stature, he’s somehow managing to make both of them scream in ecstasy.

This little guy is WEIRD.

I throttle my intent, propelling me through a mess of partially hazed thoughts and ideas.  I see solutions to war, poverty, world hunger…the tragedy of Bitefighter is that he could save the world, but due to the fact he’s a 10 lb. Terrier, no one takes him seriously.

I direct myself toward the causal mycelium of his brain-psyche substrate, prepping my thought-cargo for psychogenic inception.  Suddenly, I’m attacked by Bitefighter’s fears.

Hordes of zombie hicks and chortling Douche-bros arise from the shimmering expanse of Bitefighter’s psyche, materializing into view and coming at me in a shambling run (more like a shambling float—there’s no sharply defined walls when you’re Bloom-shifted; your environment is what you make of it).  There’s too many of these fucks.  Too many popped collars and brain-booger-coated fingers.  I’m about to be unraveled into nonsensical skeins of mental schematics.

Only one option left.  Deep within my mind, there’s a Hail Mary reality-distortion concept that masquerades as Kent Wayne’s science fiction epic, the one called Echo.  I tap into it and let it blossom.

Magic flash.

Atriya, the main character of Echo, rips through a tear in the psychic continuum, fully kitted out in a psionic war-suit made from Mandala City crystal, which is supported and powered by a seven-mind Gestalt.  He rips through Bitefighter’s base-desire manifestations with elegant yet brutal sweeps of his crystal-bladed sword, carving through their bodies and leaving nothing but remnants of half-formed thoughts. 

He gives me a look, a nod…then disappears into the aether.

I finish incepting Bitefighter with whatever genius philosophy he’ll use to usher humanity into a Type IV civilization.  Then I hightail it out of there.

(This is the author Kent Wayne.  And yes—I have written a psionic war suit which is powered by a seven-mind Gestalt into Echo 4.  Sorry if that was a spoiler.  😉 )


Are you a psychomantic Courier who’s just been accosted by criminal thought-forms?  Never fear!  Get Echo Vol. 1 on Kindle here:  Vol. 1 on Kindle.  Vol. 2 on Kindle here:  Vol.2 on Kindle  Vol. 3 on Kindle here:  Vol. 3 on Kindle  #kindle #kindleunlimited #sciencefiction #scifi #books #novel #book


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