I suspect that most people settle into [chosen identity] by following the clues shown to them through nature and nurture.  IMHO, however, the consummate artist will not settle for [chosen identity].  The consummate artist will push themselves to access ALL identities, eventually discarding the concept of identity itself.  

And during that process, I believe the act of living itself becomes The Art.


15 thoughts on “Musings

      • Yeah pretty close to how you describe it, maybe more on the horrifying side though. I was watching a comedy sketch while on them and I couldn’t tell the difference between me and the comedian. So that was pretty weird.

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      • I’ve only taken up to 2.5g shrooms and I only got some really weak close-eyed visuals. But I’m super thick when it comes to that stuff; what sends people into hyperspace usually doesn’t affect me that much. That’s why I went for the KO punch with the DMT. Never felt I needed to do it after that one time. Ego death on shrooms sounds scary due to the fact that shrooms last hours, whereas DMT is only like 20 minutes (smoked)

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