(win or learn) or lose.


5 thoughts on “Musings

  1. nice thought provoking and familiar joust to the crowd :). It also makes me wonder, what is the meaning of right and wrong? If we learn through our wrongs and display that we are learning, then is that wrong no longer a wrong, but a fulfilled right? But then again, I believe all things happen for greater reason, of course that was learned only after thinking that it was for nothing good….thank you

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    • In my opinion, the meaning of right and wrong is to play a fun game where we can be fulfilled and help others. Morality differs from culture to culture and era to era, so in order to cut through the ambiguity, I believe one must be astute enough to assess what is most helpful in any given context, and have the strength to execute it. A lot of it, in my opinion, boils down to training and introspection.

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