I’ve heard tons of spiritualists bray, “I am not this body,” and shuck any responsibility to care for the flesh-vehicle that they’ve been gifted with.  I believe that position is woefully shortsighted; I see my body as a marvelous interface I use to interact with physical reality.  While I believe (though I cannot prove) that I am not JUST this body, denying my corporeal existence would be a stark refusal to accept the evidence before me.  I follow these premises by embracing the idea that external stimuli have an effect on my mood, cognition, and energy levels.  Then I adjust accordingly to maximize my fulfillment.  If I were to deny the existence of my body, then that might lead me to behave as if my physical condition has no effect on the quality of my life—a stance I find erroneous and dysfunctional.  Instead,  I choose to view my body like a car I know will one day be scrapped—sure, it’ll eventually end up in the trash, but why not maintain it so I can enjoy the ride?


15 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Indeed. How can we properly carry and use this precious consciousness we’ve been gifted with if we neglect the physical means in which it is sustained?
    Which is pretty much what you said.
    So I agree, obviously

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  2. It truly is important! Where would we be if your fingers were not real and you could not write the fun things you do? If the body was transparent, how could we live? Why would we desire sex, pizza, and books?
    I’m very glad I have a body. I wish it was the 24 year old one from ages past, but it still works. Mostly!

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  3. I’m a spiritualist and I believe my body is a temple and treat it as such. All of the spiritualists I know believe the same, but maybe this is a new way of thinking among the younger crowd? I’ve noticed lately that those in their 20s look my age from not taking care of themselves–smoking, drinking, living fast lives…or maybe I just look really young and look like I’m in my 20s!

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