From what I’ve seen, the more people deny the myriad influences of external pressures—their “programming” in other words—the more they seem to get locked into it.


6 thoughts on “Musings

    • Awareness versus denial? Considering the concept, etc. that the “programming” conveys shows an awareness of the “programming”. Those that sidle away are those that are in denial about even the possibility of “programming”. And to DFSBs point, the more they deny, the more it seems they are subject to it.
      I choose also consider the possibility that I am periodically unaware of “programming”. There is no doubt that I have acted and spoken based on external pressures/stimuli of the masses. I just hope that I become aware of it at some point, so that I may accept or rectify my “programming”. I hope it’s sooner than later 😉

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      • I’m all for awareness! Ironically, part of it is that if people don’t want to talk about human nature or the nuances of their personality, I don’t bring it up. Because I’m aware that it’s super uncomfortable to do so, and they’ll get to it when they’re good and ready, haha!

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