I’ve found that if I don’t think of anyone I dislike/hate as an inadvertent guru, I’ve wasted a great opportunity.


19 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Hmmmm….I do understand what you’re saying and I accept that we learn from our dislike of certain people, a number of life lessons and even types of behaviours we DON’T want to emulate and/ or traits we don’t want to re-experience in others.
    But I would be torn about gracing people I dislike with the respectful title of teacher or guru.
    Perhaps the abstract concept of what they have inadvertently caused me to comprehend is my figurative guru.
    Thank you for turning my brainial gears, as per yooj.

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    • Hey Dana! I tried to message you on FB but it looked like you deactivated your account (experimented with some stuff that you know pretty well and we’ve discussed before). Good to see you blogging again! I don’t do the blogger awards because they take up a lot of my time, and writing is basically like a full time job for me now minus the full time pay, lol. But I’m super flattered! Thank You!!! 🙂


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