As people age, I’ve seen them use their accumulated knowledge in two ways:  the first is to buttress themselves with a series of “dont’s,” and hoard the potential comfort that resides in the time they have left, as it all the while slips through their clenched fingers.  While this method may keep them drearily comfortable, it also prevents them from exercising audacity.  The second method is to acknowledge one’s limits by referencing past experience, but also acknowledging the potential in the time one still has left (which may only be a day, an hour, or a second, if you really stop and think about it).  The people who use the second method, rather than counting each second of safe inertia as a pyrrhic victory, will constantly maneuver themselves into positions where they can drink as deeply as possible from the fountain of life. 

When I reach my last day upon this earth, I hope I can say that I qualify as the latter.


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