For any seeking to hone their awareness into a functional tool, I would advise caution:  at first, those who know you and share your goals will cheer you on.  Then, as you accomplish your goals and sharpen your perception, they will begin to grow nervous; your assiduousness will be taken as unspoken condemnation of their inaction.  Some will  then turn against you, for in cleaning the introspective mirror with which you observe your deepest tendencies, you will inadvertently reveal to them that they only look at a tiny fraction of their OWN mirror.  I suspect they do this so they can continue gazing kindly on an incomplete hologram, rather than sharply assessing their full reflection.  As your perspective clarifies, it becomes increasingly important to exercise restraint and compassion when voicing your opinions, because some people don’t want to view themselves in a true light, whether it’s favorable or not, even though they might suffer from regular malfunction.


32 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Well, we all delude ourselves, don’t we? It’s the human condition. Sometimes I think that perhaps I try to fool myself a little less than I used to, but all progress is an illusion.

    What was that ol’ Greek word? Began with H I think…

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    • Depends by what you mean by the word “Illusion.” I’m pretty sure you and I are going to say the same thing in the end, but in our own way. I like to think of progress as a game we can play and enjoy. But yes—if you start looking into the relatavistic nature of time, and the implications that has for causality, there’s a strong case to be made that at the heart of existence, there’s no such thing as progress, simply an outpouring of phenomena.

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