Just from a scientific perspective (though I’m not wedded to science; I enjoy using it because it thus far provides the most predictable and consensus-building model of reality we have to date) we possess an extremely limited perception; our eyes only see the visible ROYGBIV spectrum, our ears only detect a frequency within a certain range, etc etc.  So in the face of our vastly limited perception, I choose to believe that I will most likely never perceive the absolute truth of what is physically before me, much less account for the entirety of the known universe or the unknown multiverse, that I should stop worrying about it, and that I should do my best to enjoy the “illusion.”


17 thoughts on “Musings

    • That’s the observable universe, right? Also add in broken symmetry, the claude shannon computer code found in string theory, and those satellite probes that accelerated faster than they were supposed to, given what we know about physics (can’t remember their names; neil de grasse tyson talked about them in his tv series the inexplicable universe) and it’s definitely a clue to be humble and enjoy the moment!

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  1. I loooooove science and Jesus too and being alive very much. There’s just something about DISCOVERY and MYSTERY! Imagine a world where we knew everything about everything – wouldn’t that be a bore…🙌💕🤔🤗

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    • Maybe (and this is working off the premise that we’re all [god] at our core) that’s why [god] decided to create all these separate, limited pieces of him/herself so (s)he could experience the entire breadth of possibility. 😉

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      • Haha, we are all made in God’s image to reflect His character/nature, beauty & creativity – He is all that and a lot more. That’s why with Him we get to keep discovering new things all the time with a sense of adventure too. 😀 😉

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      • I suspect that something similar to what you said is true…but I have a slightly different take on it: I suspect we’re all pieces of [god] that volunteered to be separate so we could rediscover the joy of coming back to our omnipotence. We’re in a no-lose game, so to speak, and the common sense stuff—pursuing dreams and being nice to others—makes for a much more pleasant game. But just recently I’ve come to accept that even if that isn’t true, it doesn’t really change the fact that the most important thing is to enjoy the limited time I have here and be nice to others…just cos it makes me feel good if nothing else.


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