I believe the ultimate goal of spirituality is to come to a whole-being realization that if everything is created by divinity, then there’s actually no such thing as “spirituality,” because all divine things are spiritual by default (we arise from [God] and in the end return to [God]; we have no choice in the matter of being composed of anything but [God], because everything we see is an iteration of [God].  The only choice we have is whether or not we want to throw a tantrum about it).  From there, it seems that the next step would be to embrace the illusion of separation we’ve volunteered to take part in, learning how to glean enjoyment and fulfillment from it, all the while knowing it’s nothing but a game.


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    • I agree! A subjective universe is a hard thing to accept. I like science because it creates the most consensus by furnishing us with the most accurate predictions, but it is by no means definitive; there are still exciting questions about dark matter, dark energy, and multiverses! But yeah, I try to keep in mind that my view is shaped by my unique experiences and anecdotes, and the same applies to others.

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      • Definitely. And people sometimes talk about “science vs. Religion” but in my opinion the two actually don’t Contradict each other at all. Science, especially physics, talks about the “how”, but not really the “why”. Certain parts of religions might be mythology, but I believe they are holy myths reaching deeper into our psyche than any experiment can. And there are parts in religions I take as fact, but certainly not all of it, and I love when beliefs are discussed rather than argued about. I wish I understood physics though…that stuff, when it gets deep into quantum theory and things like that, goes way over my head.

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      • I can understand physics THEORY…barely. The math is beyond me. I think science tries to find the “why” behind each individual phenomena by outlining the conditions and stimulus that caused it. Then it encounters the problem of time as a construct created by the Big Bang, so if there was no time before that, then that means there was no causality, because causality requires time (condition a, interaction b, result c). All that is intuitively mind-boggling because ever since we were born we were steeped in an environment that depends on time and causality. But even now, there are singularities in black holes where the gravity is so strong that time ceases to exist. I’m not sure that a “why” is even the right angle to approach it from, because answering a “why” requires a “because,” and if there’s no causality at the heart of existence, that’s the wrong mechanism to comprehend things with. Personally, I’m a bit intrigued by the similarities between mystical revelations and a heroic dose of dimethyltryptamine, not that I would ever endorse or recommend an illegal activity. 😉


      • Lol yes! The whole thing with the Big Bang just amazes me. I do believe it happened because of the way the universe can be measured moving away from a center as if it had exploded from a bomb at one point, but one reason I believe in a Creator is because I don’t see how something can come from nothing. Like, what exactly exploded if existence itself didn’t exist? I don’t think mankind will ever understand the origin of existence. And though I wouldn’t try any psychedelics or anything like that (mainly just because I’m afraid), I do think it’s awesome that certain chemicals and substances have been used effectively for thousands of years to expand our consciousness. How we are linked to the universe, how our minds are linked to substances that can unlock our souls – just a few more examples of how everything and everybody is “one”. Don’t you just love paradox? Lol

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      • I do! I have an ingrained aversion to chemicals (unless it was an emergency, mom didn’t approve of so much as an aspirin, which I actually have come to appreciate; I think there’s a bit too much adderall and oxy floating around for my liking) but I started realizing chemicals are just configurations of matter and energy, which interact with US, who are bigger configurations of the same. Strip away the dry, textbook connotations and cultural finger-wagging, and they’re actually kind of magical, especially when you’re looking at the subatomic level where the natural state of the electron is a cloud of probabilities that condenses into matter when it becomes entangled with the observation mechanism (or so it was explained by a physicist on a recent Joe Rogan podcast). I have spent most of my life striving to support my confirmation bias of a creator, and due to some personal anecdotal experiences, I SUSPECT there is an incomprehensibly loving force at the heart of existence that isn’t truly separate from us but is analogous to the electron cloud that collapses into an illusory piece of separate matter when it’s filtered through an observation mechanism…but recently I’ve decided that even if there isn’t a creator, I’m kind of okay with that. It doesn’t change the fact that the most important thing to do is to appreciate the moment and be nice to people, simply because that makes me feel good!

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      • That’s a really cool way of looking at it. Feeling like we are one with everything should make us feel smaller, but in a way it really empowers us. And awesome philosophy. By far actions are the most important thing.

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    • I’m not sure if they exist, but I can’t definitively rule them out. (hoping they’ll make some progress on experimenting with the predictions in string theory while I’m alive LOL) All I know for sure is that if I’m not living a fulfilling life, then I’m wasting it. And yeah, consciousness is amazing!

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  1. Spirituality: The the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.(copied from the internet)
    Oddly, spiritual is not the same thing. It is relating to the spirit or soul-cooking, sex, writing, reading, hiking, doing anything you enjoy can be a spiritual experience. So, when you relate to the spirit of soul does this mean you are concerned with it? Many people hike without having a clue they are being rejuvenated or becoming a stronger cleaner person. Or is that the awareness of a spiritual sense?

    ohhh, Semantics!

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    • You know, I only meant it in the sense of a mental paradigm where some things fit into the arbitrary definition of “spiritual” and “non-spiritual.” Interesting that you posed the actual definition, but thank you! I think the idea of affixing the label can bog down what is simply wholesome or rejuvenating; I once read a taoist parable about three stuffy monks who knew all the history and structure and whatnot of taoism, then they heard some peasant woman singing with such beauty and force that their souls were laid bare, and when they asked her where she learned about taoism, she gave them a puzzled look and asked them what that word meant.

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