Without the ability/desire to employ critical thinking, one is destined to be mired in doctrine, completely at the mercy of ever-encroaching obsolescence.  

Ironically, those same doctrines were probably formed through critical thought, but for those who refuse to live an examined life, they serve as shackles rather than stepping stones.


6 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Yesterday’s revolutionary thought. Today’s doctrine. Tomorrow’s dogma?
    We should always know we can always improve.
    (Just found a hole in the plot in my book that would allow two trucks abreast to pass through comfortably…..not quite the same thing, but I have to tell someone!!)

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    • Indeed! Very apparent in certain religions, which I’m sure propagated order and humanity within the contexts they were born in, but ironically, as we became more modernized, they started doing the exact opposite.


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