In my slog to re-edit Echo 1, it has never been more clearly illustrated to me that good writing means learning The Art of Omission; in order to create a smooth, delicious story that dissolves on the palate of the readerly mind, I must learn where to dig deep and pour forth description, and when to hold back and let the reader’s mind supply a richness of detail that I as a writer could never be capable of.  

I believe this principle can be applied to any form of communication.


24 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I’d pay good money for a fabulous conversation, then again, I’d pay good money to learn the delicate art of conversation. Everything mostly seems a rush, an overspilling of unresearched ideas and words that always could be improved upon … or a ramble …

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    • Exactly! Also, I try to be mindful of the diff between the first moviegoers who were afraid by a train rushing toward the camera and the people today who can understand and enjoy “Hardcore Henry”; I try to constantly feel what the collective mindset of readers is so I can figure out how far I’m allowed to push the stylistic envelope.

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