From what I’ve seen, many seem to think that admitting failure breeds negative self-worth.  But I believe that it’s crucial to admit failure in order to grow from it, and that confusing that admittance with negative self-worth is an indulgence in ego, or a shortcoming in critical thinking.  We should be honest about our failures; it’s part of the process in not just achieving success in this or that, but in achieving the ULTIMATE success:  using all our experiences—not just the good ones—as ways to hone ourselves into the people we wish to eventually become.


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      • I think it’s a defense mechanism. Speaking personally, I’ve found it very difficult in the past to give up certain worldviews because in most circumstances, they would make me feel like I was “elite” or “better” and give me an avenue upon which to look down on others. Looking down on others prevented me from learning from them, however, so now I try to check that tendency.

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  1. I am a stroke survivor. After given the all clear from the hospital and a weeks rest, I returned to my day job. The same job I’d been doing for over 20 years. 3 years of struggling I had to admit defeat and tell my bosses that I could no longer handle the demands and stress of the post. Naturally pride was hurt in my admission and fear for the future. Thankfully I was given a new position in the same company with minimal stress.

    Admitting failure is hard, not because of the action, but in what the future has in store after the act.

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    • Exactly! It may have been an evolutionary advantage when we were constantly surrounded by danger, but this is a new world from the one our cavemen ancestors had to face, and we should act accordingly! 🙂


  2. Hello from the dusty floor, yep, back down here again and you know what? it’s pretty sweet down here so I may just stay a wee while longer and bounce back stronger then ever – no shame in admitting that. Great Musing

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  3. Agreed. Denial won’t help to solve a real problem. I have worried about other people “writing me off,” but you’re right. Someday we will look back on our failures and be proud of how far we’ve come. That’s the plan, anyways.

    Keep at it!

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