When I hear that it’s a common thing for veterans as well as those who have recovered from serious illness as well as those who were once poor and now rich to sheepishly admit they were happier in times of adversity, I realize that it’s imperative for me to continually challenge myself, to—and I’m not advocating flagellation or masochism—always be engaged in something that sharpens my body, sharpens my mind, and PUSHES me.  Otherwise—especially in light of the excesses that are readily available to us in this day and age—I think it’s entirely possible that I might fall into a wealth of misery.


9 thoughts on “Musings

    • Thank You for the compliment Ms. Annette! I enjoy pointing out irony; it seems that it keeps popping up all throughout the universe, and when it’s used to illustrate truth and not by smarmy hipsters, it seems to resonate with people LOL!


  1. Adversity makes us work to get out of it. Work is good for a person. Or at least, I think it is! When we remember how hard we had to work to get out of something, it makes us feel good. I’d still like to fall into some wealth, though!

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