Something I strive to do as a writer is to spend a sufficient amount of time on my story to ensure I’ve created something my readers will tear through in a day or two…then curse me for taking too long on whatever I happen to be working on.  😉 


11 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Just about everyone can do something simple…but it takes time to turn something simple into something with incredible quality, no matter if that something is a novel or an intricate lace shawl. (I have not knitted one of those intricate lace shawls yet, but it is something I aspire to do.)

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    • Awesome! I’m not really a knitter, but I love it when someone applies themselves in ANY field! Motivates the heck out of me! And yeah—I always say you can describe star wars, harry potter, the matrix, and a slew of great movies in one sentence: “Ordinary guy becomes extraordinary and saves lots of people.” But it takes WORK to turn that into those great movies.

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  2. I can attest to this for sure. I’ve spent the first 14 years honing this skill, and I believe in life, none of us will ever fully master our art. It is just the way of life. We can be near-perfect, but no one can ever achieve “perfect”, because we aren’t robots or automation systems with 100% accuracy. And even then, robots and automation systems are never 100% accurate, since they’re made by us, an imperfectly beautiful being!

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