It’s been said that discipline equals freedom and I believe there’s a measure of truth to that…especially for those lacking the discipline to live life as they wish.  But IMHO, a better definition of freedom (within the confines of humanity) is the willingness to shift your perspective into whatever mode you need at any time you want.  Call that whatever you like; many words/phrases hint at it, and I believe all of them fall short.  I think truth lies somewhere in the mosaic made by those disparate terms.


37 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I think that is one of the pinnacles of truth and freedom. The entire ideology behind freedom is that there are no constraints, but even more subtle than influence either. You don’t need an external influence to hinder or promote your thoughts or actions. Just like a human life cannot be satisfyingly condensed into one word that can adequately sum all of our collective experience and emotions together.. neither can freedom be truly that if we did not explore all the Bountiful and beautiful space that exists as ‘total’ freedom.

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  2. And the responsibility to realise that everyone has the right to be free and live in dignity without fear.
    Annd to accept that you are not always right about someone (looking at myself just now…Captain Judgemental- I’ll have to burn that costume!)

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