In the past, I have found it damnably easy to wrap cowardice and ignorance in the trappings of spiritualism, idealism, or intellectualism.  So this is why I find it incredibly important to constantly assess whether my outlook on life is functional and fulfilling, for if life is the greatest teacher, then I am of the opinion that it will present evidence/arguments as to whether I’m learning the lesson.  In my experience, I’ve seen that if I choose to ignore these lessons, I will be reminded gently at first, but with increasing mercilessness, that I should address my problems before they define my very being.


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  1. Years ago I made the observation that some people choose to follow a spiritual path not because of the potential enlightenment or growth such a path might offer, but because they want to find some way to blame their troubled lives on something other than their own decisions.

    This is not specific to any particular religion or faith, but the further away from mainstream it is, it seems to be more prevalent. However, mainstream religions aren’t immune to this either.

    My theory is that if I (putting myself into that mindset) can ascribe all the bad things that have happened in my life to factors outside of my control – the stars, the lines on my palm, the fall of the cards, or, one of my personal favorites, the devil – then I don’t have to take responsibility. By abdicating responsibility for the cause, I am no longer beholden to the consequences of my bad decisions. I’m not broke because I make poor financial decisions, I’m broke because Mars is in the 3rd house and I drew the 7 of coins inverted. And so on.

    If you are one who believes that we are somehow guided by a supernatural force or, at least, part of some universal plan, then it makes perfect sense that if such a force wanted you to learn a specific lesson, circumstances will be arranged so that you are faced with challenges and obstacles that will eventually lead you toward that growth. Ignoring the signs only causes those signs becoming more prominent. Sometimes it takes a whack in the back of the head with a two by four to get your attention!

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    • Yes I agree! I don’t think most people start out on the spiritual path for pure purposes, but I also think that’s okay; eventually, their intention morphs into the right one. But for a great deal of people, I’ve seen what you’ve described; they use all manner of esotericism and faulty logic to blame their woes on dark forces or similar nonsense without having taken care of basic stuff like paying attention to detail or maintaining their health. There’s actually a technical term for it that’s widespread enough to have its own wikipedia entry: “Spiritual bypass.”


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