As a general rule, I try to be careful when stating my opinion. ย The reason is that people will defend their comfort zones (and the implied attack on their identity) with mountains of the sweetest smelling BS, the most brilliantly disingenuous logic, and the sharpest, most vicious hate they can muster…

Regardless of how true or applicable my words may be.


12 thoughts on “Musings

  1. We all got our tipping points I guess.
    Now me, I hate Intolerance. If there’s one thing I can’t stand it is intolerant people. If I had my way they’d all be thrown in prison for life, their homes raised to the ground, all their goods and chattels seized, their names expunged from all records and their families threatened with similar treatment if they dared mentioned the guilty person’s name ever, even to each other. That’s the way to deal with Intolerance!! Yes sir!!

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  2. I still qualify my own statements too often with “in my opinion.” That’s my opinion, at least. : ) I appreciate all opinions, confidently stated, even when I don’t readily agree with them. I have been swayed by good, logical arguments before and will be again. Please state your opinions boldly.

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    • Thank You but I think there are some folk out there that are looking to get offended, and if you say the wrong thing it sets off a huge energy drain in the form of an argument. Sometimes I’m in the mood to risk it, other times I’ll take the meeker route LOL!

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