In my experience, writing about the fantastic is predicated on a willingness to dive into the unknown.  Few things are as thrilling as channeling unfamiliar concepts and worlds through my mind.  While I humble myself by openly admitting “I don’t know,” I embolden myself by saying, “I’m willing to try.”


31 thoughts on “Musings

    • Thank You Emotional Notions! I’m actually motivated by comfort; ironically, the way to be most comfortable in the net sense (for me) is to apply myself in the short term LOL. I guess I’m selfish in the long term.


      • They’re your monsters, until of course you’ve written a few pages or so, then they tend to take on a life of their own.
        I had a bunch come drifting out of nowhere, and I thought ‘Where did you lot come from???’.
        They just smiled and passed me by to get into action with the heroes.
        (I’m just the guy who works the keyboard, y’know?)

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      • Exactly! I was listening to a writer saying one of the key issues with writing is being willing to write something you didn’t intend; that’s the only way to let your manuscript transcend your “design capability.” I’d say close to half of my stuff came out of nowhere and surprised me after I sat down to write something else.

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      • Now that’s what I call ‘cooking’!
        I had an incident recently, and there’s me thinking ‘Where the heck did that come from?’ followed by the experience of the characters involved saying ‘What? Haven’t you been reading the narrative? It’s kind of obvious man!’

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      • I honestly think that might be the best part of writing! Yeah fame and riches would be nice, but all you gotta do is look at celebrity suicides to know that those things aren’t be all end all solutions.

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      • Skipping back a generation of so….
        Authors that pickled their livers and chocked up their lungs- but apparently that was considered a necessary part of the creative process…

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      • Now I’ve got an image of him starting to read the Dark Tower series, wide-eyed and whispering ‘Wow! What happens next?’

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      • Well I know what you mean and I know this is next bit isn’t going to answer your question in the way you meant, but if you’ve been following the news, the Dark Tower movie is actually a continuance of the original saga. Roland has the horn in the beginning and Stephen King tweeted it with the caption “last time around…” So awesome!


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