(This is a long/convoluted one) We’ve all heard new-agers assert a preference for “logic-defying magic,”—how they intend x, and y happens.  As I understand it, that still falls in the realm of logic—even though it’s devoid of empirical data and evidential support—as it can be roughly translated into an enthymeme, one of the simplest available forms of logic (x happens because of y; there’s more to it—major premise, minor unstated, then conclusion, but for the sake of argument, I’ll leave it at that).  Now let’s take another new-age premise, an unprovable one I like to treat as true due to personal preference:  We are components of an all-powerful, all-knowing being that decided to limit itself so it could re-experience the joy of rediscovering its own omnipotence.  In that case, why would I—as an all-powerful being—ever command or demand other parts of myself to fall in line purely to demonstrate “magic?”  I’d simply be being horribly bossy to other parts of myself.  If the aforementioned premise is true, then it follows that the age-old advice of being in the present moment as deeply as possible is valid, because an all-powerful being who is fully engaged in the present moment—the situation (s)he’s instantiated for him/herself—would mean that even though on the surface (s)he might be struggling to accomplish this task or that, (s)he is, at his/her core (by being  fully engaged in the present moment), actively accepting the fact that (s)he volunteered for said situation, and that in the ultimate sense, (s)he has everything (s)he needs or wants within that scenario.  

And if we are all-powerful beings, then being in that present-minded state—accepting/engaging in the idea that all we need or want is in front of us—should be the most potent magic available, because accepting/engaging in that needless, wantless state as an all-powerful being means all our needs/wants are fulfilled by our engagement/acceptance.  There is no need to “intend” x and “manifest” y (unless that’s the ultra-cool cosplay you wish to engage in)—y is all around us all the time.  Being in the present simply means opening our perception enough to accept it and enjoy what we (from the all-powerful perspective) have wrought for ourselves.  None of this is right or wrong, it is simply valid or invalid, depending on which unprovable premise I choose to accept.  😉


14 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I agree, it is a weird thing now and it does annoy me in writing when writers then attempt to explain and the arguement ends with either ‘well it just does’ or ‘plot’. But, that is usually the reasoning, a search for originality that isn’t fully explained… that’s what I think anyway. (feel free to correct me if I’ve completely missed the point of the article)

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    • I was really just saying that the point of life is to enjoy it as fully as possible (in the ultimate sense; not condoning hedonism or mindless indulgence, which seems to induce suffering), but I fully agree with your stance. A story is most fulfilling when it’s interwoven with a deeper message, meaning that the ending is an important tool to hold that message together and drive it home.


      • I completely agree with that… hm, my bad, I guess I can’t think too deeply in the early morning hours.
        On another note I love the musings post’s as a way of inspiring me and preparing me for the rest of the day 🙂

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      • Thank You Daniel! I’m flattered that I can play a part in inspiring you! Honestly, these are just regurgitations of age-old sayings filtered through my own experiences. I’m privileged that you find them palatable! 😀


    • So far it accounts for all phenomena I observe or hear about to my satisfaction, so yeah. But I’m definitely willing to change it (although to be honest I’d probably resist, as I’d have to guess that I’m somewhat attached to it by now).

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  2. I’ve always loved reading your Musings. These gems of wisdom interspersed between hilarious Echo posts, in my opinion, makes following your blog an intellectually stimulating experience that one might occasionally experience from, say, a Quentin Tarantino movie. Out of all the Musings I’ve read, this one is the best yet!!! Awesome message of enjoying the present not inspite of its futility, but because of it. I expect more ground-breaking content from you!! 😀😁😄

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    • Thank You Green Phoenix! Honestly, I’m just rephrasing what others have said in a way that resonates with me. If you call that groundbreaking, then I give you a hearty thank you! In my mind, I’m just sprucing things up a bit. 🙂

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