From what I’ve seen, the speed with which I can employ logic and critical thinking is directly related to how much spontaneity/improvisation I am capable of handling at any given moment.


15 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I agree! If im not in the right state of mind I can’t right anything! I think im going to start meditating again. It really centers me and unblocks any mental blocks im having.

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  2. No. In an emergency, you have no clue what you are capable of. Even without Echo in your back pocket, I am pretty sure you would be stronger than silent ‘e’ and leap over capital ‘T’ with a single bound.
    (now, go and google Letterman from The Electric Company. It will be good for you!)

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    • I agree. I guess this was specifically for writing. Everyone can throw around premises and ideas, but I believe that it takes a familiarity with narrative in order to iterate those into read-worthy things. (sometimes people get by on sheer talent, but that seems to be a pain in the butt; they’re always looking for circumstances which will trigger that talent. Hollywood writers and journos supposedly run on adderall)

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      • Sheer talent is always. (can you see my eyes roll??) I often think trends are what sells more. NOTE: I may be one of the few female persons in the world who did not finish and will never complete reading Twilight.

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      • I actually have it on my Netflix queue and will force myself to watch it one of these days LOL! Whenever something achieves mass popularity I like to try and see what factors drove it to be so likable. I don’t like Harry Potter at all, but when I examine how J.K. Rowling put the story together, I can’t deny her genius. Twilight probably isn’t so deep, and maybe it just took advantage of a popular trend or something, but one a these days I’m gonna make myself sit through it haha!

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      • Twilight irritates me completely. I could not get thru those books at all. I really did try. It was such a relief to decided halfway thru the third one, that there were a million more interesting things I could find to do. Like washing the cat.

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